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-> multi-familial family tree
     and links to other trees and genealogy sites.
-> links to wonderful linguistic sites.

-> my favorite Web sites.
and also... my birthplace, by Laurent Vézinhet Laure, Jean-Pol, Félix, Ernest and others
We will always remember you!   New York September 11, 2001!   December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor!   11 mars 2004 à Madrid !   London, the 7th of July 2005!   Paris-Charlie, 7 janvier 2015 !   Paris-Bataclan, 13 novembre 2015 !   Bruxelles le 22 mars 2016 ! stop aux pédophiles !

    AFG  A.G.I.Membre de l'Annuaire Généalogique Internet Gérard Mélone

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